"We want people to be able to reach a point where they become independent thinkers and self sufficient builders."

Fran Sanchez - Beachlab

What's Up?

Digital art toolkit

This toolkit will focus on robotic arts and digital sound/music making. It will provide guideline...

Reverse engineering toolkit

Disassemble, Sketch, Recap! Learn what it takes to be an engineer and dive heads-on into reverse ...

Wearable technology and electronic textiles toolkit

This toolkit will provide the necessary equipment to run e-textiles workshops around topics such ...

About the Project

The aim of this project, funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme, is to empower girls to pursue their interests in Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths subjects (STEM), providing them with positive examples, support and possibilities to experience STEM occupations. Through this initiative, girls will be able to realise that they can embark on a fulfilling and successful career in STEM.


Development of the Reverse engineering toolkit

In the first part of the project, the toolkits are developed. At De Creatieve STEM, we are working on the Reverse Engineering Toolkit.