In the GirlsInSTEM project, several activities are planned.

  • Transnational Meetings. During these meetings the partners come together, discuss the project progress, and do testing with the toolkits.
    • Kick-off Meeting
    • Monitoring Meeting
    • Final Meeting
  • Bootcamps. These are one week long events with a group of young girls, where one of the developed toolkits is used with a group for the first time. Interested? You can subscribe and obtain information on the bootcamps on the Toolkits page. They are planned between 6/2021 and 10/2021

  • Pilot tests. During development, pilot tests will be done with the toolkits. Pilot tests will be deployed in all participating countries, to experiment the project outputs with groups of young people aged between 14 and 25 yo. Special needs individuals will also be involved for this. Pilot tests will be instrumental for reviewing and improving the project’s tangible deliverables.

  • Multiplier Events. The objective of these event is twofold: Allow groups of youngsters who have been involved in the project to meet, exchange and network, and to boost dissemination of the project and its results.
    • E1: around 4/2022 - Belgium. Delegations from each participating country will be invited to attend the multiplier event. Each delegation will consist of 2 young people among the ones who have participated in the project activities (pilot tests, mobilities, etc.) plus one accompanying person from the staff of the participating organizations.
    • E2: 7/4/2022 - Poland. 40 individuals, among which educators, young people (including the youth who will have participated in the project activities) will be invited to take active part in this meeting and report their experiences to the audience.
    • E3: 19/4/2022 - France. The French multiplier will gather professionals from the non formal education sector (including, museums, libraries) operating in Toulouse and surrounding areas.
    • E4: 26/4/2022 - Spain. The Spanish multiplier will gather professionals from the non formal education sector (including, museums, libraries) operating in Valladolid and surrounding areas. The main objectives of this event are: Showcase the project and its results; Encourage local partners to get involved in the follow up of the project; Encourage local partners to integrate the project’s outputs in their own professional practices.
  • Mentoring program Youth who will participate in the project activities will also be invited to get involved in a mentoring program. Mentors affiliated to the participating organizations will accompany female youth in deepening their knowledge for one specific STEM area. The mentoring program will be implemented in partnership with local NGOs, enterprises, instructional environments, etc. based in the participating organization countries. These partners will be offering volunteering opportunities for young people involved in our project, related to the project topics.
    The mentoring program will involve all youth who will have participated in at least one mobility activity. Youngsters will be invited to choose from the topics they have previously discovered and explore them in more detail. For this purpose, they will be assigned a mentor - a person from the staff of the participating organizations.

  • Dissemination activities Apart from above activities, the project results will also be disseminated in many different ways: online presence, presentation on makerfaires, application/show-case in national STEM-programmes.