The GirlsInSTEM project is a realization of 5 partners. As a team we work out the different kits and activities. The 5 partners are:

De Creatieve STEM

De Creatieve STEM is a non-profit organization dedicated to inclusive STEM-literacy and hands-on learning for future innovators. It is active in after school STEM programs, fablab experiences in school and after school, and STEM activities development.


Digijeunes is an NGO dedicated at the promotion of digital literacy, skills and inclusion, and at the production of ICT-enabled benefits for EU society.


iDROPS organizes and guides innovation processes around six societal challenges: Care, New Learning, Sustainability, Superdiversity, Global Innovation and Community Building.

Fundacja Ad Meritum

Fundacja Ad Meritum is a non-profit organisation aimed at supporting entrepreneurship competences development of youngsters and adults in Europe.

Fundación INTRAS

Fundación INTRAS is a non-profit organization dedicated to research and intervention in the field of mental health, also involved in supporting youth with fewer opportunities.