Digital art toolkit

This toolkit will focus on robotic arts and digital sound/music making. It will provide guidelines to combine coding with visual arts and to produce sounds via programmable boards coupled with sensors and actuators.

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We are looking for young girls (between 14 and 25 years of age) interested in STEM and motivated to participate in an amazing interchange experience. This is a great chance to explore new topics, realize which are your interests and get support to achieve your potentials.

Digital Art Bootcamp

There will be a bootcamp dedicated to this toolkit in Gent, Belgium, from 29/10/2021 to 02/11/2021, which can be attended by young girls from Belgium, France, Poland and Spain.

Date: 29/10/2021 to 02/11/2021
Locatie: Ghent, Belgium Practically: Details will be available by the end of 2020.

  • There are xx places, all for girls
  • xx places are reserved for people living in France, the others for the partnering countries.

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Time Subject Teacher
29/10: 9u - 12u TBA TBA
29/10: 13u - 16u TBA TBA
30/10: 9u - 12u TBA TBA
30/10: 13u - 16u TBA TBA
31/10: 9u - 12u TBA TBA
31/10: 13u - 16u TBA TBA
01/11: 9u - 12u TBA TBA
01/11: 13u - 16u TBA TBA
02/11: 9u - 12u TBA TBA
02/11: 13u - 16u TBA TBA
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